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Strip floor

When it comes to Strip flooring, there are many species of timber to choose from and selecting the right one to suit your d├ęcor is just the beginning. There is also the hardness of the timber if you are looking for durability as well as the thickness and width of the board.

secret nailed method

Strip Flooring

Strip floor comes in various lengths of solid timber that is available in different thicknesses such as 12mm, 19mm & 21mm, evidently the most popular size being 19mm because it can be sanded many times without having to be replaced.

Strip floor/face nailed – secret nailed method


Faced nailed – secret nailed method

Usually installed over bearers and joists / sub floor side by side having a protruding tongue on one side and a groove on the other so the floor boards lock in perfectly together, these boards are either face nailed to the sub-floor/chipboard either making the nails visible to the surface or secret nailed so they can’t be seen.

Strip floor – Glued method


Glued method

If you want your solid timber floor to be installed over an existing floor or concrete slab which is usually the case in new homes and commercial properties today, a plastic membrane is applied between the concrete slab and plywood sheets with the strip floor glued and nailed over the top. The reason a membrane is applied is to avoid moisture rising from the slab and up into the timber; causing the timber to swell and cup.