Parquetry Flooring

There are two types of parquetry flooring available.

  1. Block parquetry that is made of individual blocks available in various thicknesses such as 14mm and 19mm (the most common size is 260mm x 65mm x 19mm thick).
  2. Mosaic parquetry which is small individual fingers that arrives in a sheet form. This particular parquetry is available in 9mm thickness making this a cheaper alternative to Block parquetry.

Both Block and Mosaic parquetry are individually installed; however Block parquetry can be created into a wider variety of different patterns to suit your d├ęcor.

Check out our selection under Parquetry Patterns or you may like to create your own design as the options are only limited to your imagination.

Parquetry flooring – Glued method

Both Block parquetry and Mosaic parquetry have to be installed the same way as the strip floor / glued method. It needs to be installed over a solid flat and stable foundation; making parquetry a very durable and sound option.
If parquetry flooring is applied directly over a concrete slab, the concrete slab has to be reasonably level and an epoxy membrane must be applied (minimum of two coats) to avoid moisture rising up to the timber and causing the parquetry to cup.