Timber Floor Staining and Liming

There are two ways of staining a timber floor.

  1. Mixing stain in with a clear finish, which can be applied through all three coatings; suited to your own individual taste.
  2. Hand stain directly onto the bare timber, giving the floor a much deeper appearance. However, depending on the timber you wish to stain, will determine the final colour you wish to achieve.

The following stained images are just a guide as each project differs with individual timber species.

If you are looking for a much lighter result then liming your timber floor is a wonderful alternative to staining. Liming gives a paler, much whiter look to the timber without removing the individual characteristics that a timber floors offers.

Remember that timber is a natural source that comes with imperfections and individual characteristics, so whether you decide to stain or lime your timber floor, the natural characteristics will always be apparent, and depending on the timber you wish to stain will determine the out come of the colour.