Polyurethane (thinners base)

  • Two pack polyurethane
  • Single pack polyurethane (gloss, semi gloss and low sheen)

Polyurethane is the most common application used as it wears well and is extremely durable.


Polyurethane / Gloss

Lobacure – UV finish on site

Lobacure reaches full hardness and usability instantly with UV curing. No long curing periods required.
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Lobadur – Waterborne finishes

Gives a matt or high-gloss finish, quick drying period and is suitable for moderate to high traffic areas.
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Lobasol – Floor oils and waxes

Lobasol products are loved for their environmental compatibility, high wear resistance, moisture and dirt-repellent properties and chemical resistance.
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Lobacare – Care & Maintenance

Lobacare is a wide range of maintenance products including cleaners, removers, waxs and oils.
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